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{Enter The Multiverse} Season 6 Episode 9

Oh, Got a body guard, huh.

This is your fault.

I don’t give a Fuck.

Yeah. Fuck you.

Don’t come around here anymore.

Go fuck yourself.

I did that.

Doesn’t make a difference, to me, really

I’m just a miserable something,

A nobody

Do you think I care?

Do you think I don’t?

You can go anywhere

But here.

You can do anything

But this

You can be anyone

But me

I’m nobody,

I’m nothing

I’m broken

You’re hungry.

Oh, certainly;

But you see,

I promised a week

These dreams are my weakness

On weekends, I sleep

Till one of my three roommates wakes me up

Wake me up

Wake me up

Wake me


I’m not talking to you.

I’m not keeping no secrets.

I’m not working this weekend.

Is there something you need?


Fuck this series.


Fuck this, seriously.



Your entrance was my exit,

You’re interesting at best,

But now I’m wrecked,

(But now I’m reckless)

I just need a check

Fuck the guestlist

And fuck Dillon Francis


Where’s my piñata?

Where’s your honor?

On God,

I stay guarded,

Oh Lord,

What's your problem?

Go get a model to solve it;

I’m lost in Los Ángeles,

Not on the roster,

A poser? Imposter—